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Project Details
Work Type: Lighting
Phase: Construction
Length: 32.928 miles
Project Start: Early 2020
The goal of this project is to increase pedestrian safety at specific signalized intersections by installing street lighting that offers better visibility. Light Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures will be installed at each intersection, and any existing fixtures will be upgraded to LED. No other intersection improvements are expected in this project. This project improves the following signalized intersections in Orange County along John Young Parkway (State Road (S.R.) 423) and Colonial Drive (S.R. 50):

1. John Young Parkway at Orange Blossom Trail
2. John Young Parkway at Edgewater Drive
3. John Young Parkway at Kingswood Drive
4. John Young Parkway at Adanson Street
5. John Young Parkway at Diplomat Circle
6. John Young Parkway at the I-4 eastbound and westbound ramps
7. John Young Parkway at Wymore Road
8. Colonial Drive at Avalon Road
9. Colonial Drive at Park Avenue
10. Colonial Drive at Winter Garden-Vineland Road
11. Colonial Drive at Daniels Road/Dillard Street
12. Colonial Drive at 9th Street
13. Colonial Drive at Beulah Road
14. Colonial Drive at Carter Road
15. Colonial Drive at the S.R. 429 northbound and southbound ramps
16. Colonial Drive at Vizcaya Lake Road
17. Colonial Drive at Maguire Road
18. Colonial Drive at Winter Garden Road/Bluford Avenue
19. Colonial Drive at Blackwood Avenue
20. Colonial Drive at S.R. 408/Clarke Road
21. Colonial Drive at West Oak Mall
22. Colonial Drive at Good Homes Road
23. Colonial Drive at Apopka-Vineland Road
24. Colonial Drive at Dorscher Road
25. Colonial Drive at Highland Lake
26. Colonial Drive at Hiawassee Road
27. Colonial Drive a Powers Drive
28. Colonial Drive at Paul Street
29. Colonial Drive at Hasting Street
30. Colonial Drive at Kirkman Road
31. Colonial Drive at Palamar Place
32. Colonial Drive at Pine Hills Road
33. Colonial Drive at Silverton Street
34. Colonial Drive at Fairvilla Road
35. Colonial Drive at Mercy Drive
36. Colonial Drive at Ferguson Drive
37. Colonial Drive at John Young Parkway
38. Colonial Drive at Sheriff Central Complex
39. Colonial Drive at Tampa Avenue/Country Lane
40. Colonial Drive at Springdale Road
41. Colonial Drive at Westmoreland Drive
42. Colonial Drive at Parramore Avenue
43. Colonial Drive at Edgewater Drive
44. Colonial Drive at Orange Avenue
45. Colonial Drive at Magnolia Avenue
46. Colonial Drive at Highland Avenue
47. Colonial Drive at Summerlin Avenue
48. Colonial Drive at Mills Avenue
49. Colonial Drive at Shine Avenue
50. Colonial Drive at Fern Creek Avenue
51. Colonial Drive at Hampton Avenue
52. Colonial Drive at Bumby Avenue
53. Colonial Drive at Coy Drive/ Colonial Mall
54. Colonial Drive at Primrose Drive
55. Colonial Drive at Maguire Boulevard
56. Colonial Drive at Fashion Square Mall
57. Colonial Drive at Herndon Avenue
58. Colonial Drive at Bennett Road
59. Colonial Drive at Humphries Avenue/Lake Baldwin Lane
60. Colonial Drive at Old Cheney Highway
61. Colonial Drive at Forsyth Road
62. Colonial Drive at Goldenrod Road
63. Colonial Drive at Chickasaw Trail
64. Colonial Drive at SR 417 northbound and southbound ramps
65. Colonial Drive at Constantine Street
66. Colonial Drive at Econolockhatchee Trail
67. Colonial Drive at Dean Road
68. Colonial Drive at Murdock Boulevard
69. Colonial Drive at Rouse Road
70. Colonial Drive at Rouse Lake Road
71. Colonial Drive at State Road 434/Alafaya Trail
72. Colonial Drive at Sophie Boulevard
73. Colonial Drive at Crickey Club Drive
74. Colonial Drive at Woodbury Road
75. Colonial Drive at Bonneville Drive
76. Colonial Drive at Lake Pickett Road
77. Colonial Drive at Pebble Beach Boulevard
78. Colonial Drive at Avalon Park Road

Contact Information
Communications Team
John Livingston
(321) 319-8130
Lane Closures
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