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Project Details
Work Type: Bridge Work
Phase: Design
Length: 0.045 miles
Design Cost: $50,000
Letting: 12/03/2024
Estimated Costs
Construction Cost: $509,161

The project’s purpose is to provide maintenance to 3 Seminole County Bridges. 

The first bridge is a culvert on State Road (S.R.) 419 over Gee Creek. At this location, the culvert will be cleaned and repaired. Another protective layer of concrete will be sprayed onto the culvert as a preventative measure.

The following bridge location is S.R. 434 over the Little Wekiva River. Multiple repairs will occur at this location, including waterproofing the bridge deck to protect it from cracking. 

Finally, joint seals on the S.R. 436 bridge to Red Bug Lake Road will be replaced.

Contact Information
Design Project Manager
Jonathan Jastremsky