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Project Details
Work Type: Parking Facility
Phase: Design
Length: 1.446 miles
Design Cost: $3.2 Million

The purpose of this project is to build a new designated truck parking facility on I-4 about 5 miles west of I-95. Due to economic growth and the resulting increase in the demand for the delivery of goods, the need for safe parking facilities along our Interstates has become a critical issue for all drivers and our I-4 communities. This project will provide needed truck parking space to serve regional freight parking demand and enhance safety and mobility.

The Volusia County eastbound facility will be accessed using entrance and exit ramps on I-4. The eastbound I-4 facility in Volusia County would cover about 73.3 acres and have room for an estimated 275 truck parking spaces. A restroom facility is proposed at the truck parking site. Wildlife fencing and wildlife sensitive lighting will be provided due to the proximity of the existing wildlife crossing. Landscaping will also be included.

The site is one of five potential sites identified along the I-4 corridor from Osceola County to Volusia County. The preferred locations were determined during a Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study, which is expected to finish in Summer 2024.

Contact Information
Design Project Manager
Megan Owens
(386) 943-5140
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