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Project Details
Work Type: Safety Project
Phase: Construction
Length: 0.326 miles
Construction Cost: $3.5 Million
Project Start: Summer 2023
Est. Completion: Summer 2024

The purpose of the project is to improve pedestrian safety along this section of 13th Street (U.S. 192) in St. Cloud. The project plans to add pedestrian activated signals and reconstruct the existing directional median at Florida Avenue and Indiana Avenue. The new signals would remain green for drivers on 13th Street until activated by a pedestrian. Once activated, the signal will turn to yellow and red, stopping traffic to allow the pedestrian to cross.

Additionally, the project proposes to reconstruct and upgrade the existing signal on 13th Street at Michigan Avenue, including updated pedestrian features to enhance safety and meet current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

A public meeting for this project was held on January 11, 2022. Please see the public meeting information in the files below.

Contact Information
Communications Team
Peyton Reese
(321) 319-8130
Chinchor Electric, Inc.
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Project Files