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Project Details
Work Type: Resurfacing
Phase: Construction
Length: 0.638 miles
Construction Cost: $4.1 Million
Project Start: Early 2023
Est. Completion: Spring 2024

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is extending the life of the existing roadway by milling and resurfacing 5th Avenue (U.S. 192) from Riverside Place to Miramar Avenue (State Road (S.R.) A1A) and to enhance pedestrian safety along the corridor. The project proposes to upgrade mid-block crossings and add pedestrian-activated lights known as Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFBs) to enhance visibility of the crosswalks. A new Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon (PHB) will also be added at Palm Avenue. 

The PHB is an innovative overhead traffic device that remains inactive until a pedestrian activates the beacon by pushing a button on the signal pole. Once activated, the PHB signals drivers to slow down by flashing yellow and then turning solid yellow. The beacon will then turn solid red, which indicates to motorists to stop and allow pedestrians to safely cross the street. The beacon will then flash red, at which time drivers can proceed with caution if the roadway is clear of pedestrians. The installation of the Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon represents a significant step toward safeguarding the Indialantic community.

Other improvements include reconstructing pedestrian curb ramps and driveways to comply with current ADA standards, modifying existing drainage, and upgrading pedestrian lighting.

A public meeting for this project was held on Feb. 22, 2022. Please the public meeting information in the files below.

Contact Information
Chinchor Electric, Inc.
Communications Team
Kemal Kurspahic
(321) 634-6111
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