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This project has been completed and is only available for historical reference.
Project Details
Work Type: ITS
Phase: Completed
Construction Cost: $2 Million
Project Start: Fall 2020
Est. Completion: Summer 2021

This project will install a Traffic Adaptive Signal Control System on State Road (S.R.) 44 from Airport Road to 3rd Avenue in New Smyrna Beach.

Using Adaptive Signal Control Technologies (ASCT) will allow real-time adjustments in traffic signal timing in response to changing traffic volumes. Strategically placed sensors along the corridor will collect data on the number of vehicles passing each point. The system then analyzes the data and can change the timing cycles of the signals to improve traffic flow. ASCT helps improve the traveler experience, increases the efficiency of traffic maintenance systems, and provides an additional safety measure on our roads and highways.

This project will also modify the existing turn lane on westbound S.R. 44 at Palmetto Street by extending its length back to Live Oak Street and restriping it to allow through and right-turn traffic. 

Contact Information
Communications Team
Britney Jones
(386) 740-3566
Sice, Inc.
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