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Project Details
Work Type: Safety Project
Phase: Construction
Length: 0.511 miles
Construction Cost: $2.9 million
Project Start: Fall 2020
Est. Completion: Late 2021

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) will be constructing safety improvements on S.R. 15A (East Taylor Road). This will involve installing directional medians. This will restrict left turns out of some local roads and/or driveways onto S.R. 15A. Modifications like this improve safety in the area by reducing the number of conflict points for drivers. Locations for U-turns will be enhanced on S.R. 15A between South Woodland Boulevard and South Adelle Avenue.

Work also includes adding a traffic signal at South Clara Avenue, additional pedestrian improvements, and resurfacing S.R. 15A within the project limits. Improvements also involve operational and safety enhancements to the S.R. 15A and South Woodland Boulevard intersection for vehicular and pedestrian traffic, which include raised medians for pedestrians and increased efficiency for right turn traffic from eastbound S.R. 15A to southbound South Woodland Boulevard.

Contact Information
Halifax Paving, Inc.
(386) 676-0200
Communications Team
Amber Mullins
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