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Project Details
Work Type: Lighting
Phase: Construction
Length: 11.687 miles
Construction Cost: $394,000
Project Start: Early 2021

The goal of this project is to increase pedestrian safety at specific signalized intersections by installing street lighting that offers better visibility. Light Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures will be installed at each intersection, and any existing fixtures will be upgraded to LED.This project improves signalized intersections along Fairbanks Avenue (State Road (S.R.) 426) and Orange Avenue (S.R. 527) at the following locations:

  • Fairbanks Avenue at Formosa Avenue
  • Fairbanks Avenue at N Clay Street
  • Fairbanks Avenue at Orlando Avenue
  • Fairbanks Avenue at Denning Drive
  • Fairbanks Avenue at Pennsylvania Avenue
  • Fairbanks Avenue at Park Avenue
  • Fairbanks Avenue at Wymore Road
  • Fairbanks Avenue at Adanson Street
  • Orange Avenue at King Street
  • Orange Avenue at Rollins Street
  • Orange Avenue at Florida Medical Center
  • Orange Avenue at Nela Avenue/Glen Rose Avenue
  • Orange Avenue at Lancaster Road
  • Orange Avenue at Gatlin Avenue
  • Orange Avenue at Holden Avenue
  • Orange Avenue at Drenen Road
  • Orange Avenue at Pineloch Avenue
  • Orange Avenue at Michigan Street
  • Orange Avenue at Grant Street
  • Orange Avenue at Kaley Avenue
  • Orange Avenue at Miller Street
  • Orange Avenue at Copeland Drive
  • Orange Avenue at Columbia Street
Contact Information
Communications Team
John Livingston
(321) 319-8130
Lane Closures
  • There are no lane closures at this time.