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This project has been completed and is only available for historical reference.
Project Details
Work Type: Resurfacing
Phase: Completed
Length: 1.689 miles
Construction Cost: $3.4 Million
Project Start: Summer 2020
Est. Completion: Spring 2021

The purpose of this project is to resurface and rehabilitate U.S. 27 from Arlington Ridge Boulevard to County Road (C.R.) 33 in Leesburg to extend the life of the road and improve driver experience. In addition to resurfacing the road, turn lanes will be extended at the intersection with C.R. 48 and the continuous green lane at C.R. 33 will be eliminated and replaced with a fully signalized intersection.

Contact Information
Communications Team
Lynette Cruz
(352) 326-7744 / (352) 620-3020
Project Files