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This project has been completed and is only available for historical reference.
Project Details
Work Type: Resurfacing
Phase: Completed
Length: 0.518 miles
Construction Cost: $8.8 Million
Project Start: Summer 2021
Est. Completion: Fall 2023

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) will provide safety and operational upgrades at the Fiske Boulevard (State Road (S.R.) 519) and Interstate 95 (I-95) interchange from south of Prosperity Place to north of Barnes Boulevard.

Improvements on Fiske Boulevard include the addition of dual left-hand turn lanes at the I-95 on and off ramps and the removal of the northbound U-turn movement at the southbound I-95 ramps. The project will also replace the free-flowing right turn movements onto I-95 with signalized right turns. In addition, the road will be resurfaced, and pedestrian and bicycle accommodations will be added to each side of the roadway.

New pedestrian facilities will connect into the existing sidewalk south of Prosperity Place and new 6-foot-wide buffered bicycle lanes will tie into the 4-foot-wide paved shoulders on Stadium Parkway. The Fiske Boulevard bridge over I-95 will also be modified, with lane and shoulder widths being reduced to accommodate the installation of a 5-foot-wide sidewalk on both sides of the road. In addition, drainage pond modifications will include quality water treatment.

Contact Information
Communications Team
Max Longbottom
(321) 634-6111
Masci General Contractor, Inc.
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