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Project Details
Work Type: Traffic Study
Phase: Planning
A planning study was conducted on State Road (S.R.) 436 (Semoran Boulevard) from the S.R. 436 / U.S. 17-92 interchange to Wilshire Boulevard. The study purpose was to address the mobility (vehicle, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian) needs of the community. The planning study included extensive coordination efforts with local agencies as well as the surrounding residents and business owners. This study concluded in July 2015.

The recommended alternative from the planning study was advanced into the next stage, Concept Development, and further evaluated to determine the potential impacts to key items. The study team held an additional public meeting in July 2016 and continues to coordinate with local agencies. The Concept Development study concluded in November 2017.

The recommended alternative was updated to limit impacts to neighboring developments, as well as to provide curb, gutter, and underground drainage structures. The alternative concept included the following:

  • Additional eastbound auxiliary lane from the existing right turn lane at Plaza Entrance to the existing right turn lane at Fern Park Boulevard.
  • Reconstruct concrete median and re-stripe travel lanes between Plaza Entrance and Oxford Road to accommodate additional auxiliary lane.
  • Re-stripe 8-foot-wide paved shoulder east of Oxford Square entrance to Wilshire Drive to accommodate 8-foot-wide buffered bike lane.
  • Construct a curb and gutter typical section from east of Oxford Road to Wilshire Drive. This will include adding underground drainage, replacing the existing swale and bringing in the sidewalk between the new curb line and the existing utility poles.
  • Reconstruct and widen the sidewalk along S.R. 436, from Plaza Entrance to Fern Park Boulevard.
  • Reconstruct and widen sidewalk along S.R. 436, from Fern Park Boulevard to Wilshire Drive.
  • Extend left turn lanes at the intersections of Plaza Entrance and Oxford Road intersections.
  • Removal of directional median at Oxford Square Plaza entrance, located east of Oxford Road.
  • Redesigning of directional medians at Lamplite Way and Iris Road.
  • Work with LYNX on transit stop improvements within study area. This will include potential bus shelters, ADA upgrades, and concrete bus landing pads.

The updated concept can be found below (see "2017-12 Concept Development Concept Updates").

At this time, there is currently no funding for future phases (design, right of way, and construction).  

Contact Information
Planning Project Manager
David Graeber
(386) 943-5392
Project Files