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Project Details
Work Type: Widening
Phase: Construction
Length: 4.157 miles
Construction Cost: $45.3 Million
Project Start: Summer 2020
Est. Completion: Early 2024

This is a project to widen U.S. 441/U.S. 27/State Road (S.R.) 500 from four to six lanes between Lake Ella Road and Avenida Central. Both northbound and southbound U.S. 441 will be expanded from two to three lanes, and bicycle lanes and sidewalks will be added along the length of the project. The FDOT will also do drainage work, add signage, make lighting upgrades, make median access changes and improve the aesthetics of the roadway with new landscaping.

A key aspect of the project will be the removal of U.S. 441 bridges over County Road (C.R.) 25, and the creation of a new, at-grade intersection at that location. C.R. 25 will connect with U.S. 441 on the east side of the highway via a signalized intersection but will end as a cul-de-sac on the west side of U.S. 441. 

Contact Information
Southland Construction, Inc.
Communications Team
Natecia Gayle
(352) 326-7744 / (352) 620-3020
Lane Closures
  • Starting the morning of Oct. 4, a segment of County Road (C.R.) 25 will be closed beneath the U.S 441 bridge in Lady Lake. This closure will allow bridge work as part of the U.S. 441 widening project between Lake Ella Road and Avenida Central.

    The following detours will be in effect:

    • Motorists driving south on C.R. 25 who wish to continue south should turn right onto Fennell Boulevard, turn left onto U.S. 441, and turn right onto West Hermosa Street, turn right onto North Clay Avenue, and turn right onto Oak Street before arriving at C.R. 25.
    • Motorists driving north on C.R. 25 who wish to continue north should turn onto Oak Street, turn left onto North Clay Avenue, turn left onto West Hermosa Street, turn left onto U.S. 441, and turn right onto Fennell Boulevard to get back to C.R. 25.


    The closure is scheduled to begin as soon as the morning of Monday, Oct. 4 and remain in effect until the project is completed in fall 2023. Please note that the work schedule is subject to change due to weather or unforeseen circumstances.

Project Files