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March 2, 2018

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Truck Parking Availability System Installation Starts along Interstate 75 in Central Florida

Marion and Sumter counties -- The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) will start installing truck parking sensory technology in six locations along Interstate 75 (I-75) in Marion and Sumter counties the beginning of March.

The work is part of the FDOT's Truck Parking Availability System (TPAS) project, which detects available parking spaces at welcome centers, rest areas and weigh stations, and sends alerts to commercial truck drivers via message boards, in-truck sensors and mobile apps. Installation is estimated to be completed at all six locations by Summer 2018, and is dependent on weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

The locations are:

Marion County

  • I-75 northbound rest area located 4 miles north of County Road (C.R.) 484 (Exit 341)
  • I-75 southbound rest area located 3 miles south of State Road (S.R.) 200 (Exit 350)
  • I-75 northbound Truck Comfort Station (Weigh-in-Motion station) located 10 miles north of S.R. 44 (Exit 329)
  • I-75 southbound Truck Comfort Station (Weigh-in-Motion station) located 2 miles south of C.R. 484 (Exit 341)


Sumter County

  • I-75 northbound rest area located 6 miles north of S.R. 50/U.S. 98 (Exit 301)
  • I-75 southbound rest area located 1 mile south of C.R. 476B (Exit 309)

Commercial drivers are advised that construction will require about half of the truck parking spaces at each location to be closed for a short time for installation of the in-ground sensors within the parking space. Only one location at a time will have parking space closures, and at least one handicap space will be available at all times. Information about closures will be posted at www.cflroads.com.

Media inquiries can be directed to the FDOT District Five Communications Office at (386) 943-5479 or via email at d5-pio@dot.state.fl.us.



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