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The goal of this project is to increase pedestrian safety at specific signalized intersections by installing street lighting that offers better visibility. Light Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures will be installed at each intersection, and any existing fixtures will be upgraded to LED.  No other intersection improvements are expected in this project. This project improves signalized intersections along U.S. 192, John Young Parkway (State Road (S.R.) 423), and Orange Blossom Trail (US 17-92) at the following locations:

  1. 13th Street at Denn John Lane
  2. 13th Street at Boggy Creek Road
  3. 13th Street at Bill Beck Boulevard
  4. 13th Street at Simpson Road
  5. 13th Street at Shady Lane
  6. 13th Street at Academy Drive
  7. 13th Street at Partin Settlement Road
  8. 13th Street at Flea Market
  9. 13th Street at Commerce Center Drive
  10. 13th Street at Old Canoe Creek Road
  11. 13th Street at Neptune Road/Brown Chapel Road
  12. 13th Street at Westgate Mall
  13. 13th Street at Budinger Avenue/Columbia Avenue
  14. 13th Street at Tennessee Avenue
  15. 13th Street at Canoe Creek Road/Vermont
  16. 13th Street at New York Avenue
  17. 13th Street at Michigan Avenue
  18. 13th Street at Delaware Avenue
  19. John Young Parkway at Pleasant Hill Road
  20. John Young Parkway at The Oaks Boulevard
  21. John Young Parkway at Osceola Park Drive
  22. John Young Parkway at Patrick Street
  23. John Young Parkway at Emmett Street
  24. Orange Blossom Trail at W. Columbia Avenue
  25. Orange Blossom Trail at Donegan Avenue
  26. Orange Blossom Trail at Carroll Street
  27. Orange Blossom Trail at Osceola Parkway