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The main goal of this project is to improve pedestrian illumination levels at specific signalized intersections. Improvements shall satisfy FDOT Design Memorandum 16-02 (http://www.fdot.gov/design/bulletins/RDM16-02.pdf).  All proposed fixtures at each intersection shall be LED and all existing fixtures at each intersection shall be converted to LED.  No other intersection improvements are expected in this project.

The lighting improvements for this project will be at six intersections, five on State Road (S.R.) 430 and one  on S.R. 442.  The intersections include:

  • S.R. 430 at Grandview Avenue (Ave.)
  • S.R. 430 at Wild Olive Ave.
  • S.R. 430 at North Oleander Ave.
  • S.R. 430 at North Peninsula Drive
  • S.R. 430 at Halifax Ave.
  • S.R. 442 at Old Mission Road