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Central Florida Roads

Florida Department of Transportation

Project Details
Work Type: Safety Project
Phase: Construction
Length: 0.588 miles
Construction Cost: $788,307
Project Start: Summer 2019
Est. Completion: Summer 2020

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) will be enhancing pedestrian safety along South Orange Blossom Trail from north of Holden Avenue to 36th Avenue in Orlando. Please note that South Orange Blossom Trail has multiple designations: State Road (S.R.) 600/S.R. 500/U.S. 441/U.S. 17-92.


The proposed improvements include installing six pedestrian hybrid beacons, or PHBs, at the following locations:

  • Crossing #1: 900 feet north of Holden Avenue, between the Walgreens driveway to the west and the Southgate Shopping Center to the east.
  • Crossing #2: Between 44th Street and 42nd Street, where a gas station is to the west and a motel to the east.
  • Crossing #3: On the south side of 37th Street, where a car sales business is to the west and a pawn shop to the east.

Two PHBs will be placed at each of the three existing mid-block pedestrian crossings. Improvements also include enhanced lighting at each mid-block crossing.

Contact Information
PowerCore, Inc.
(321) 984-2374
Communications Team
Shemir Wiles
(321) 319-8130
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