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The corridor planning and concept development studies are designed to evaluate multi-modal transportation improvements along an approximately three-mile section of SR 406 (Garden Street) from South Lake Elementary (west of I-95) to US 1 in Brevard County, Florida.  The corridor is located within the City of Titusville, and is a primary east-west route through the city; serving local traffic as well as many visitors. 

The initial Planning Study, completed June 2017, sought to address the safety and mobility need of the community (for vehicle, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian transportation modes), and advanced the long-term vision for the corridor, based on the input received by the public, as well as the local agency partners.

The Concept Development is the next step in collecting necessary information to develop, and compare those alternatives derived in the Planning Study, select a preferred alternative(s), and prepare the concept for implementation.

PS = Files from initial Planning Study


Project Files