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The goal of this project is to increase pedestrian safety at specific signalized intersections by installing street lighting that offers better visibility. Light Emitting Diode (LED) fixtures will be installed at each intersection, and any existing fixtures will be upgraded to LED.  No other intersection improvements are expected in this project. This project will improve signalized intersections along U.S. 17-92 (North Volusia Avenue and Woodland Boulevard) from Enterprise Road (Orange City) to U.S. 92/International Speedway Boulevard (DeLand) at the following locations:
  1. N. Volusia Avenue at Enterprise Road
  2. N. Volusia Avenue at eastbound and westbound Rhode Island Avenue
  3. N. Volusia Avenue at eastbound and westbound Ohio Avenue
  4. N. Volusia Avenue at eastbound and westbound Blue Spring Avenue
  5. N. Volusia Avenue at Graves Avenue
  6. N. Volusia Avenue at French Avenue
  7. N. Volusia Avenue at New Yok Avenue
  8. Woodland Boulevard at Minnesota Avenue
  9. Woodland Boulevard at Voorhis Avenue
  10. Woodland Boulevard at Howry Avenue
  11. Woodland Boulevard at State Road 44 (New York Avenue)
  12. Woodland Boulevard at Indiana Avenue
  13. Woodland Boulevard at Rich Avenue
  14. Woodland Boulevard at Wisconsin Avenue
  15. Woodland Boulevard at Minnesota Avenue
  16. Woodland Boulevard at Pennsylvania Avenue
  17. Woodland Boulevard at Plymouth Avenue
  18. Woodland Boulevard at International Speedway Boulevard  
Lane Closures
No lane closures anticipated