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The purpose of the US 441/SR 500/Pine Avenue Corridor Planning Study is to assess existing conditions of the corridor and evaluate potential solutions to establish a more walkable urban environmental utilizing a context-sensitive approach. This project has been requested by the Ocala-Marion Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) to develop a future vision for Pine Avenue within the downtown core that establishes a multimodal approach to provide for future transportation needs. This study involves a community-based evaluation to determine how best to meet the needs of current and future users and to establish a long term plan to guide evolution of the corridor that appropriately correlate the balance between the land use and transportation planning.

The product will be the “Corridor Management Plan” which will outline a series of guiding goals and objectives, and identifies a range of multi-modal solutions to address the mobility needs within a context that reflects the long term vision for the study corridor. Specifics of the plan will be developed in an environment that encourages input and buy-in from stakeholders as well as from various departments with Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) staff such as project development, traffic operations, design and maintenance. This plan will include long-term strategies that guide future development within the corridor, as well as specific improvements that can potentially be advanced in the near term through local agency participation and/or by FDOT as 3-R (Resurfacing, Restoration, Rehabilitation) projects, safety enhancements, access management, or push-button projects.

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