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This project consists of the widening and reconstruction of the SR 50 roadway from four to six lanes, the addition of bike lanes, intersection improvements, sidewalks, drainage ponds, and bridge culvert replacements.
Lane Closures
  • Sunday, February 22nd 2015 to Monday, February 22nd

    As work progresses, you are beginning to see eastbound lanes shifted to a new pattern  at Dean Road and eventually to Lake Berge. This will allow the first part of the new eastbound roadway to be constructed, and also half of the big storm water culverts that cross Colonial to be rebuilt.


    You can also see the new eastbound pavement area starting to take shape going east from Dean Road. Pedestrians are currently being directed to the north side of SR 50 (Colonial Drive), and will be until the new curb and sidewalk are completed on the south side. 


    This work is estimated to be completed by February 2016.


  • Tuesday, March 17th to January 17th

    Contractor is scheduled to shift traffic on eastbound SR 50 in sections from the SR 408 overpass to Avalon Park Blvd starting the night of Tuesday, March 17, 2015. This will involve closing the eastbound SR 408 merge lane onto eastbound SR 50. The eastbound SR 408 off-ramp will go to SR 50 with the left lane turning left onto westbound SR 50 at the traffic light and the middle and right lanes turning right onto SR 50 at the traffic light.

    Traffic exiting SR 408 will no longer have an extra merge lane. This condition will remain until three new eastbound lanes are built and opened to traffic in six to eight months.

    Time frames could change based on weather conditions and other variables. Updates will be provided should the schedule change.





  • Monday, June 29th to July 3rd

    Prince has scheduled night-time lane closures eastbound and westbound on SR 50 between Dean Rd. and Avalon Park Blvd. for the week June 29th ​ through July 2nd, 2015    No work is anticipated the weekend of Fri July 3rd- Sun 5th

    They will be working  on force main and storm pipe installations, including crossing SR 50 and southbound Alafaya. 


    The through lane and right turn lane Northbound on Alafaya approaching  S.R.-50 SHOULD be open again by the end of this current week.


    The times will be from 9:00 PM until 7: 00 AM east bound and 8:00 PM until 6:00 AM west bound and side streets. inside or outside lanes may be closed, depending on the activity, but one lane will always remain open in each direction.

Project Files