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Be patient when entering a work zone. Bear in mind that construction zones can be busy places, with workers and equipment on the move. Work is regularly performed close to traffic. 

These tips can help you get in and out of a work zone safely: 

Buckle Up

  • Always remember to buckle seat belts.

Plan Ahead

  • Be aware of construction zones.
  • Leave early or map out an alternate route.
  • Find the latest road conditions by calling 511.
  • Keep your vehicle in good working condition…including making sure your vehicle has plenty of fuel.

Slow Down

  • Drive at the posted speed limit.
  • Do not tailgate. Sudden stops are common in construction zones.

Obey Signals

  • Watch for signs…they contain essential information about traffic conditions, road closures and detours ahead.
  • Obey any and all traffic signs, including those manually erected by a road worker.
  • Do not remove or displace any construction barrier, sign or other device used to keep drivers safe.

Drive Defensively

  • Expect the unexpected. Changes to road surfaces and traffic patterns are frequent in construction zones.
  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • Eliminate distractions like eating, drinking, or using electronic devices.
More Information

Double Speeding Fines

Florida Statutes provide for speeding fines to be doubled in work zones when workers are present. Drivers speeding in a construction zone when workers are present might receive other violations such as reckless driving.